Boruto Vol 3: Naruto Next Generations


Boruto Vol. 3: Naruto Next Generations: Continuing to the Chunin Exam from Boruto Vol 2,  Boruto Uzumaki and others have to face Momoshiki Otsutsuki & Kinshiki Otsutsuki during the Chunin Exams. They are after Naruto’s Nine tail chakra, hence take him away to extract the chakra from him. Now, how will Naruto defeat them is what the entire Vol is about.



Momoshiki has finally arrived in the leaf village. Now, he wants to destroy the entire village to acquire Naruto’s Nine tail Chakara. Along with Momoshiki you will also see Kinshiki Otsutsuki, who becomes a threat to the village.

Now, Naruto & Sasuke are in the position to let the Leaf village destroy or go with Momoshiki to save the village.  As Naruto is not in the village now, Sasuke along with other Kage plans to go to the dimension where Naruto is taken. Now, how will Boruto, Sasuke and others will save Naruto & defeat Momoshiki & Kinshiki is what the entire Vol is about.


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