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Mitsuki is an artificial human who enters Konohagakure as a transfer student to train himself to become a Ninja. He is friends with Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha. He is a jolly and very knowledgeable person.

Mitsuki’s History

Mitsuki is the known son of Orochimaru. But they are not biologically related. Mitsuki is the artificial human created by Orochimaru during his experiments by cloning technology. Mitsuki wasn’t the first human-made by Orochimaru. His name was taken after his older brother “Mitsuki” who too was artificially created by Orochimaru. Orochimaru also engrafted the jujutsu inside Mitsuki’s heart with the intention to put Mitsuki in a self-destructive phase in order to obscure Orochimaru’s secrets of experiments he performed during his research.

After growing up to a certain age, Mitsuki rebelled against Orochimaru and his older brother. Seeing the feud between his older brother and  Orochimaru, he decided to leave their company and find his own path individually. However, later it was revealed that the ill tension between Orochimaru and Mitsuki’s elder brother was just a sham put on to make Mitsuki realize and encourage him to live life on his own. After leaving his elders, Mitsuki went on to choose, decide and write about his life path.

Once he received a gift from Orochimaru, from which he learned about the existence of Boruto and then decided to look for him and befriend him. He went to Konohagakure and met Boruto and his friends. He joined the same academy as Boruto and started enjoying his life according to his will. His original identity was kept hidden from the village. Mitsuki got trained and acquired the title of shinobi and later joined Team Konohagakure. 

Mitsuki’s Family

  • Father: Orochimaru
  • Brother: Mitsuki/Log

Mitsuki’s Abilities & Jutsu 

As being a synthetic human, Mitsuki is exceptionally skilled and smart, excelling both in fighting skills and scholastic learning. 

Sage Transformation

Sage Transformation occurs when a user enters a sage mode. Sage Mode is a state that can be activated through senjutsu chakra, (know more about Senju Clan). Senjutsu chakra is made by blending inner energy with chakra levels.  As Mitsuki has immensely high chakra levels, he has the ability to acquire sage transformation at a tender age. With the sage transformation, Mitsuki is able to boost up his skills and stamina to a greater level and can control the natural forces around him. 

Summoning Technique

Summoning Technique is a skill through which a person has the ability to teleport a target to the location of their choice. Mitsuki uses this technique to perform various snake techniques like Hidden Shadow Snake Technique and Striking Shadow Snake Assault. In Hidden Shadow Snake Technique, a user summons the snakes and releases them from under his sleeves towards the target and manipulates the snakes into biting or constricting around the target. In Striking Shadow Snake Technique, a user summons the snakes and releases them from underneath the ground to attack the rival by surprising them. 

Nan no Kaizō

Nan no Kaizō or Soft Physique Modification is a skilled Ninjutsu that enables the user to manipulate his body’s flexibility. In this, Mitsuki distorts his body joints and controls his bending and elasticity by using chakra to manoeuvre his body moves. He can even use his arms as long weapons by stretching them.

Other Abilities 

Other than specializing in above skills, Mitsuki is also adept at performing Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu and various natural energy releases like wind and lightning release. He is also handy with the Claw Creation Technique in which his nails augment and strengthen enough to bear the attack of the sword without breaking.

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