Kurama (Nine Tail Fox)


Kurama is a nine-tailed demon beast who was later revealed to serve as a sidekick protagonist to Naruto Uzumaki. He was introduced as a barbaric monster who caused a disaster in the village resulting in him being seen as a hateful creature and nothing more than just a mere powerful weapon to be used in the war. Owing to the fact that humans use him for selfish reasons, Kurama came to despise them for all his life until Naruto reached out to him. Kurama changed his perspective towards the world after he observed Naruto’s personality and actions towards him. 


Kurama’s History

Kurama was born out of the ten-tailed beasts that were sealed by the sage of six paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki within himself. During the last days of his demise, he divided the chakra of ten-tails into nine separate entities starting from one-tailed beast to all the way up to the nine-tailed beast. The nine-tailed fox was originally named Kyuubi by Hagoromo but most commonly he was known as Kurama.

Kurama was sent to live in the temple built by Hagoromo’s followers for the purpose of its protection. Later this temple became part of the land of fire. In the course of time, Kurama was infamously known for his disastrous nature among mankind making few of them capture him for good. During one of these attempts to capture him, two shinobi brothers of Kumogakure were swallowed by Kurama only for them to feed on Kurama’s flesh inside his stomach which resulted in them attaining some power from his chakra and forcing Kurama to disgorge them out. 

Kurama Attacks The Village

Sometime later, Madara Uchiha found Kurama after he abandoned his village and took control over Kurama using his Mangekyo Sharingan. He used Kurama as a weapon to fight against Hashirama Senju in the most prominent battle. However, Hashirama was able to defeat Madara and asked his wife Mito Uzumaki to seal Kurama in herself thereby becoming its first Jinchūriki.

In the later years of her life, Mito bequeathed the responsibility of keeping Kurama at bay to Kushina Uzumaki who later married Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage. Kurama was next sealed inside Kushina making her the second Jinchūriki. But the seal became weak during her childbirth which served as an advantage to a mysterious masked man known as Tobi. He struck Kushina just after Naruto was born and extracted Kurama to attack the Hidden Leaf Village. In order to save the village from future destruction, Minato decided to seal Kurama in his newborn child Naruto with the message to tackle him in the future.

But infant Naruto was too weak to hold the immense power of Kurama, so Minato sealed Kurama’s Yin half in himself using the Reaper Death seal in exchange for his death and sealed the other Yang half of Kurama inside Naruto. During the process, Kurama realized what Minato was trying to do, and to stop him from being sealed, he tried to kill Naruto which resulted in killing his parents as they were trying to shield Naruto. 

A huge amount of Kurama’s powerful chakra was left throughout the village during the attack which was collected by the member of twelve guardian ninja Kazuma and he sealed it inside his son Sora making him a pseudo-Jinchūriki. 

Kurama hated the fact of being sealed again in the mere weak child and tried to leak his chakra from cracks over the years to get Naruto under his control and free himself. Kurama’s hostility towards the humans was dissolved after he observed Naruto’s hardships and determination. He accepted Naruto as his Jinchūriki as well as his friend when Naruto talked him out of his hatred. 

Kurama’s Abilities 

Kurama is known as the strongest beast out of all the tailed beasts. With his immersive amount of chakra, he has an ability of destructive power within him. Even though his half self was sealed in Minato, Kurama still had the capability to cause great damage to its enemies. 

Physical Prowess

Kurama is physically very vigorous. He can rip a mountain with just a tad swing of his tail and his burly fist can shred the ground in just seconds. With his colossal power, he inhibits the ability to cause tsunamis and turn a fully built village into dust. Kurama has enough robustness to withstand Tailed beast balls from ten tails and overpower tailed beasts in combat. 

Due to his tremendous chakra reserves, Kurama is able to share it with others and put it to use in a more confined form. He can even accumulate his chakra in a matter of a few minutes. His chakra allows him to recover his strength shortly after his injuries. His brawniness and speed are fast enough to catch up with Naruto’s speed. 

Tailed Beast Ball

Like other beasts, Kurama can create a giant Tailed Beast Ball by gathering his chakra. He can even make it back to back, firing them on the components as a series of tailed beast bomb barrage. His tailed beasts are massive that can cause extensive destruction to a mile away. 


Tailed Beast Shockwaves

Tailed Beast Shockwaves is a destructive ability of the tailed beast that uses a certain amount of chakra. Kurama is capable of using tailed beast Shockwaves by applying great pressure on anything through a wave causing it to disperse to an expansive distance. These shock waves can be used to counter projectiles, a giant Rasengan or ninjutsu. Or simply to destroy the whole land by repelling ground. 

Other Abilities 

Kurama is a quick-witted creature who is able to think of a strategy in the midst of fighting. He is astute and quick on the uptake to lead his comrades on the battleground. Kurama also has sensory skills as he can sense others’ chakra and negative emotions as well as the natural energy from miles away. 

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