Kakashi Hatake


Kakashi Hatake is one of the last known members of his Hatake clan. He was the leader of Team 7 and he later was awarded the title of The Sixth Hokage after the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War. Kakashi is a renowned shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village and is popularly known as the Copy Ninja Kakashi among the shinobi nations. 


Kakashi’s Background 

Kakashi was raised by his widower father Sakumo Hatake who was a respected shinobi in Konohagakure. However, during one of his missions, Sakumo broke the shinobi rules and gave importance to saving his teammates. Due to which the mission failed and resulted in him facing the insults of the fellow shinobis for disrespecting the rules. Being besmirched, Sakumo committed suicide which broke Kakashi, and learning from this incident, he turned cold towards others and decided to follow shinobi rules as the priority during missions. 

Kakashi proved to be a child genius in his Academy as he gained recognition from his teachers and classmates for his top grades and talent. Becoming a genin at the age of 5 after graduating from Academy, he was clubbed together with Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara under the leadership of Minato Namikaze. Completing missions with his skills, Kakashi got to duel with Might Guy in chunin exams and defeated him thereby becoming a Chunin at the age of 6. Kakashi continued to flaunt his fighting skills and soon acquired the title of jonin after turning 12 years old. Not long after his promotion, he was sent to lead a mission with his team in Sunagakure during the Third ninja war. Minato left the team to go to Kannabi bridge as he was needed on the front lines. On the mission, Rin was abducted by enemies named Taiseki and Kakko. Obito insisted Kakashi rescue Rin but Kakashi fixated on completing the mission first according to the shinobi rules and will later save Rin. Stating that it is the worse thing to abandon one’s comrade, Obito parted ways with Kakashi to save Rin. At first, Kakashi went on with the mission but with a conflicted mind he agreed and decided to join Obito. Kakashi and Obito encountered Taiseki and the former lost his left eye in the process of saving Obito from Taiseki’s attack. This awakened Obito’s Sharingan and he killed Taiseki. The pair then found Rin in the cave who was placed under the Genjutsu. Kakashi released her from Genjutsu and tried to fight off Kakko. Kakko managed his way out of the cave and attempted to destroy the cave. Kakashi wasn’t able to see the falling rocks over him because of his blind spot due to his left eye. Obito saves Kakashi just in time by pushing him from the spot but being half crushed under the rocks. Realizing that he won’t be able to survive,  Obito asked Rin to transplant his left Sharingan eye in Kakashi. After asking Kakashi to always protect Rin, Obito forced them to leave him and save themselves. Minato later found Kakashi and Rin and finished off the mission. 


Kakashi kills Rin

After a few months of losing Obito, Kakashi was sent on a rescue mission to bring back Rin who was kidnapped by Kirigakure. On their way back to Konoha after escaping from the enemies, Rin asked Kakashi to kill her as the Kiri has sealed a three-tailed beast inside her to unleash it and destroy Konoha through her. Kakashi refused Rin for his promise to Obito, thinking of some other solution. The men from Kirigakure kept following behind and attacked them. When Kakashi was killing the enemy forces with his Chidori, Rin meddled in between one of his attacks causing his Chidori to pierce through Rin, killing her. This shocked Kakashi and he awakened his Mangekyo Sharingan before losing his consciousness. Kakashi was brought back by the Konoha reinforcements. Kakashi got the blues after losing his teammates, causing him to desolate himself from everyone and turned ruthless and cold-hearted. 


Kakashi in Anbu

Seeing his student in depression, Minato, as a new Hokage, assigned Kakashi to Anbu to help him get out of moroseness. Due to his excellent forte in combat, Kakashi soon became captain of Team Ro. Minato also gave responsibility for guarding Kushina during her pregnancy. However, Minato and Kushina during the nine tails attack the village which caused Kakashi to slip into dejection. Taking the advantage of Kakashi’s grieving state, Danzo Shimura convinced Kakashi into believing that the Third Hokage is not capable of the position as it was his orders that kept Kakashi and the other young ninja from saving Minato during the attack. He made Kakashi join the Anbu Root division under Danzo to spy on the Hokage. Sometime later, after confronting the Third on the matter, Kakashi realized the conspiracies of Danzo and left him, becoming the right-hand man of the Third and serving in the Anbu. 

Kakashi met Itachi Uchiha when the latter joined Team Ro after a couple of years. They collaborated quite well on missions. Once Itachi sought out to Kakashi that if they should honor a dead friend’s wish to which Kakashi said that they should. Sometime later, Itachi was promoted and left Team Ro. Kakashi with his team was sent on a mission to conciliate the impending insurrection in the Uchiha clan’s quarters only to find the whole clan dead and found that Itachi was responsible for the massacre. Kakashi felt guilty for not being able to give better direction to Itachi and was relieved from Anbu by the Third.

He continued serving under standard forces and as a teacher to lead the teams that graduated from the Academy but none showed him the teamwork during his bell test. 


Kakashi’s Abilities 

Kakashi is nicknamed the Copy Ninja Kakashi because of his ability to use his Sharingan for copying the opponent’s moves in a snap of a second. With this ability, he is known to perform over 1000 jutsus. He is not only acknowledged by only fellow shinobis but also by his enemies. He is skilled with ninjutsu, taijutsu, and some level of genjutsu. Kakashi is quite good in tactical combat. During his initial missions, Kakashi used to wield White Light Blade that he inherited from his father. 


Physical Prowess 

Even though Kakashi didn’t have immersive chakra reserves, with the passing years he was able to increase his chakra reserves and perform ninjutsu on a more skilled level. He is good in hand-to-hand combat and is quick to counter an enemy’s attack. His reflexes are commendable to handle any kind of situation. 



Chidori is lightning-style ninjutsu created by Kakashi himself. The word Chidori means One Thousand Birds and the Jutsu was named due to the chirping sound of a thousand birds that it creates. Chidori is created by gathering a high concentration of electrifying lightning in his hand and thrusting it into the target, thereby causing fatal damage. 



Kakashi was able to use his Sharingan in full capability but up to his physical limits as he wasn’t an Uchiha which made him unable to cope up with the after-effects of its use like extreme exhaustion. Being a non-Uchiha, he was given the name Kakashi of the Sharingan. His Sharingan not only gave him the ability to copy the opponent’s moves but also allowed him to get visual information increasing his accuracy to defend. Kakashi was able to awaken his Mangekyo Sharingan upon Rin’s death. He could use his Mangekyo Sharingan to launch Kamui that allows its targets to transfer to another dimension. Kakashi can perform genjutsu and even was able to form Susanoo on the first attempt. 


Nature Transformation 

Kakashi has the ability to perform various ninjutsu using all the basic natural elements. He can make massive fireballs using fire nature and produce mud walls using Earth Release. However, his signature nature element is the lightning release which he can use in multiple firms such as Lighting cords and Lighting cutters. Kakashi later developed a lightning cutter into Purple Electricity due to his loss of Sharingan.

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