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Kaguya Clan is one of the most quirky clans among all the clans. Their stemma consists of multifarious traits inherited from Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. From their lineament to various kekkei genkai, Kaguya clan members have diverse features.

Kaguya Clan’s History

Kaguya Clan are the lineage of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. This clan was known for being power hungry. The clan was notorious for having savage battle tactics and lust for fighting. Kaguya clan members were bloodthirsty as they enjoyed slaughtering activities. It is believed that they were always the first ones to initiate war as they relish showing off their powers and ferity. They had a peculiar personality as they preferred dying while enjoying barbarity rather than surrendering or backing out of the battlefield when given the chance.

As the Kaguya Clan soon went into extinction when the whole clan was massacred in the battle of Kirigakure, there were only a few known outmoded members. One of those was Kimimaro who did not have the same thoughts as the rest of his clan members. He did not crave for blood and decimation. Kimimaro was the lone survivor of his clan but he was also the most powerful member of his clan. He possessed a rare kekkei genkai called Shikotsumyaku. Kimimaro later came under Orochimaru’s wing and learned more ninja skills. However, he died after suffering long from an unknown terminal disease.

Kaguya Clan Abilities & Jutsu 

The Kaguya clan did not possess much abilities except their ferocity and strong desire to fight with no tactics. Only a few and special members inherited a kekkei genkai directly from their ancestor Kaguya Ōtsutsuki.


Shikotsumyaku is a bone manipulation kekkei genkai which allows it wielder to use their bones as weapons. Users of Shikotsumyaku acquire the ability to grow or reduce their bones or completely transform their skeleton structure. They can manipulate the shape and size and density of their bones. Its users can even eject their bones out of the body to use it as a weapon. In some cases, Shikotsumyaku also has the ability to protect the wielder by shielding him in defensive form.

Ten Finger drilling bullets

Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets is a bone technique in which the user wields the bones of his fingertips to shoot the target in the form of bones. These bone bullets hurtle towards the prey with a whizz and pierce through the person’s bod in and out completely. 

Dance of the Flowers

Dances are a kind of technique that are used through the application of Shikotsumyaku. These dances combine their own Taijutsu and Ninjutsu techniques with their bloodline limit. There are two kinds of dances- Dance of Camellia and Dance of Clematis. Dance of Camellia is a bone sword that is mostly protruded from the upper arm and used at a miraculous speed to attack the opponent at different places each time at different angles.

 The other one is Dance of Clematis flower and vine in which the user creates a spar and whip out of a single bone comprising his arm and spine combined with chakra to make it hard that holds and stabs the opponent. This is the second most powerful ability.

Dance of  the Seedling Fern

The Dance of the Seedling Fern is the only danceability that is classified under Ninjutsu. This technique uses chakra to build a forest of bone blades that bud from underneath the earth that pullulate and cause massive damage to those around.

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