Jūgo Wiki: Jūgo is the shinobi who is also a member of Team Taka made by Sasuke Uchiha. He was known for his furious wrath. Jūgo was the person who also succoured as Orochimaru’s test subjects of his own will. 

Jūgo’s Background

Most of his life, Jūgo lived as a leper because of his outrageous nature. There was once a time when he killed the whole populace while destroying the village with his rampage. Villagers cursed his existence and called him by names. Saddened by his quiddity and with the intention of not harming anyone, Jūgo decided to leave the village and sequester himself in caves.

Soon after, Jūgo came across Kimimaro who introduced him to Orochimaru. He then decided to work for Orochimaru as a test subject for his experiments. Jūgo’s blood proved to be of great help to Orochimaru as he learned about Senjutsu and was able to draw up cursed seals by amalgamating senjutsu with the transmutation of Jūgo’s blood. 

Jūgo was then recruited by Sasuke Uchiha in the Northern Hideout of Orochimaru after Sasuke defeated the latter. After hesitating for a while, Jūgo agreed to join Sasuke’s team initially named as Hebi in the search of Itachi Uchiha. With passing time, Jūgo established a friendly and caring relationship with his teammates and helped each other in difficult situations. When Sasuke learns his brother Itachi’s truth, he reforms Hebi as team Taka with the new purpose of avenging his brother’s death by destroying Konoha.

While heading to Konoha with Jūgo and the rest of Taka, they learn about the Fourth Shinobi war and the destruction of Konoha. Sasuke later changes his mind to protecting Konoha and his previous teenage friends. Jūgo supports Sasuke and even helps him to revive consciousness when Sasuke suffers injury. After the end of war Taka is officially dissolved and Jūgo makes his mind to return to Orochimaru’s place. He joins Orochimaru as his assistant in performing experiments. 

Jūgo’s Abilities

Jūgo unequivocally inherits horrendous abilities that can cause great destruction. His rage has manifested a catastrophic power of Jūgo’s blood. His DNA even helped Orochimaru to incent new cursed seals and powers. Jūgo is skilled in a variety of jutsu and nature releases. 

Sage Transformation

Sage Transformation originally known as Senninka in Japanese is a kind of attaining Sage Mode that increases the user’s physical proficiency and grants them enormous powers.  While entering a Sage Transformation, a user’s body experiences drastic change through bodily reaction to natural energy. Jūgo can acquire this Sage Transformation to transform himself into a number of forms of his choice on his will. This ability allows him to separately transform his different body parts into various weapons on need. He gains access to multiple abilities like Piston Fist to increase punching capability, Destroying Axe Fist to form an axe on his arm, massive axe blade, and can extend his arms to great lengths to catch the targets. This power also enhances Jūgo’s strength, stamina, durability and speed. 

Chakra Absorption

Chakra Absorption is a jutsu technique through which a user gets the ability to absorb other person’s chakra. Jūgo has this ability to absorb an opponent’s chakra through physical contact and utilise it for their own good to boost their energy and strength. By using this technique, Jūgo not only enhances his stamina but also weakens the opponent whose chakra has been absorbed thus making the latter unable to make a move and creating the opportunity to attack the opponent. 

Cellular Regeneration Ejection

Saibō Haishutsu, commonly known as Cellular Regeneration Ejection, is a unique ability possessed by Jūgo. It allows Jūgo to give a part of his flesh to an injured person who has a cursed seal so as to match the compatibility with Jūgo’s and help them recover from injuries. Doing this, Jūgo gains a younger appearance as his cells are being regenerated after transferring the flesh. 

Taren Fujizuho

Also known as Multiple Lotus Nonself Connected Cannons is Jutsu ability where a user protrudes out his appendages from the back and elongates them. The accretion of these appendages enables them to accumulate natural energy to form a chakra blast. This eruption is so meteoric and powerful that it covers a wide range making the enemy impuissant to escape the after effects by normal means. 

Saibō Kyūin

Saibō Kyūin which translates to Chakra Regeneration Absorption is another unique ability possessed by Jūgo. This ability enables him to regain his own chakra and body cells by jutting out a sharp ledge from his palm towards the target to guzzle up their chakra. This power also helps him to speed up his inner flesh regeneration and strengthen his powers.  

Other Abilities Of Jugo’s Ability 

Apart from these, Jūgo is also skilled in nature releases like Wind Release, Waree Release, Earth Release and Yang Release. He possesses a whopping amount of chakra reserves which he can also transfer to others. When he loses his mind in Sage Transformation, he becomes out of control and can cause a mass destruction. Jūgo has an ability to communicate with animals and birds. He uses them for his aid to gather information. 


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