Isshiki Ōtsutsuki

Isshiki Ōtsutsuki is the member of the Ōtsutsuki clan. He has transformed himself in Jigen’s body and uses his name as his own. Isshiki is a selfish person who ruthlessly uses Jigen’s body for his purposes against its limits.

Isshiki Ōtsutsuki’s History

Isshiki Ōtsutsuki was partnered with Kaguya Ōtsutsuki and he arrived on earth with her. But Kaguya abandoned him and ate Chakra fruit all by herself. Isshiki was sorely injured while having a fued with Kaguya. He was left wounded on the verge of death by Kaguya as he was a threat for the latter in consuming the divine fruit. In order to keep himself alive, Isshiki used the monk’s body named Jigen to use him as his vessel. He shrinks himself and enters Jigen’s body through his ear.

Jigen Takes Over Isshiki

Isshiki started using and controlling Jigen’s body and mind for his selfish purposes. Soon he realized that Jigen’s body is not strong enough to resurrect him and use all of his powers. Therefore, Isshiki formed a research organization called Kara to look for a new vessel for himself and groom him.

To do so, He found a boy named Kawaki and bought him from his abusive father. He portrayed himself as the new father in front of Kawaki but never acted as one. He entrusted Kawaki under Amado’s wing to conduct experiments on him and make him a suitable vessel to brand him with Isshiki’s Kāma seal. Isshiki acted cruel and rude towards Kawaki and didn’t care for his feelings. He trained Kawaki vigorously to get used to Kāma and even sometimes physically thumped him whenever the latter complained about the pain.

Isshiki invested a lot of his time, money and powers in training Kawaki. But Kawaki escaped as soon as he got the chance. Isshiki summons and instructs all of his Kara members to find the whereabouts of Kawaki. While searching for Kawaki, Isshiki also came to know about Boruto Uzumaki and his Kāma mark given by Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki. Isshiki laid his eyes on Boruto and desired to take him too for his use. He later enters the Konoha village by forcefully activating the Kawaki’s Kāma seal and opening a portal to summon himself.

Isshiki faces Naruto Uzumaki and makes a mind to kill him since Naruto was interfering to save Kawaki. He teleports Naruto to the Ten-Tails dimension and fights with Naruto and Sasuke. As Jigen’s body is too weak to keep up with Isshiki’s powers, he collapses while fighting with the two powerful Shinobi which forces Isshiki to give up and head back to the Kara base. He gets himself treated thereby Amado but soon is attacked by Kōji Kashin. It is later revealed that the attack was the joint plan of Kōji and Amado. Even though he seems to overpower Kōji at first, eventually, Isshiki loses the combat with his life.

Isshiki Ōtsutsuki’s powers

Being an Ōtsutsuki member, Isshiki is immensely powerful, even though he isn’t able to use his powers to full extent while residing inside Jigen’s body due to its limits. He is blessed with expensive combat skills and abilities. He is both mastered in weapons as well as hand-to-hand combat.


Isshiki has inherited Byakugan from his clan. Being a possessor of Byakugan, Isshiki gets the ability to have a whole 360° field of x-ray vision. Byakugan also allows him to see through the minute details of the enemy’s Chakra network system. He only has one disadvantage that he cannot use his Byakugan while he is in the vessel and can only put it to use when he is truly in his form.

Chakra Absorption

Isshiki has a unique trait of Chakra Absorption. Chakra Absorption is a Jutsu which when performed allows the user to absorb another individual’s chakra making them weak. Isshiki absorbs the opponent’s chakra making them feeble to fight and uses it for his own good. By absorbing another chakra, it enables Isshiki to increase his own chakra reserves and boost his physical strength and powers.

Genjutsu communication

Genjutsu communication is a Jutsu ability that allows the user to summon collective people from different places at once through a projection-type technique to communicate. Isshiki has this ability as he summons multiple people to a meeting who were far at different places to discuss about the escape of Kawaki by performing genjutsu communication.


Being from an Ōtsutsuki clan, he has a Kāma seal which serves as a backup file of Isshiki’s biological data. This seal allows Isshiki to resurrect even after death by imparting it to potential vessels. When Kāma is activated, it enhances the powers of the vessel showing a tremendous increase in strength and chakra reserves. This helps Isshiki to overcome most difficult and vigorous attacks.


Isshiki is a skilled Ninjutsu practitioner and performs a gamut of ninjutsu techniques very finely. He has access to Yin Release to perform genjutsu. He does Sukunahikona that allows him or other matters around him to shrink and bring it back to its original size on his will. Isshiki does so to enter Jigen’s body. He summons black rods with simple hand gestures to bayonet the target and gore it. These black rods also help him to drain the enemy’s chakra. Other than this, Isshiki has the ability to use Space-time Ninjutsu to teleport to a personal dimension and also fūinjutsu to seal others.

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