Hyuga Clan

The Hyuga clan is one of the brawny clans among the aristocratic clans of the Konohagakure (Hidden leaf village). They are the direct descendants of Hamura Ōtsutsuki from the Ōtsutsuki clan. Hyūgas are mostly known for their dōjutsu ability of Byakugan. No one else has the powerful Byakugan other than Hyūgas that’s why many have tried to steal theirs as they are the real owners of Byakugan.

Hyuga Clan’s History

The Hyuga clan is the primeval clan on Earth. The Hyūga clan is divided into two fam- the main family and the branch family. Years ago two brothers of the clan had a dispute over the heir of the clan. They fought one on one to decide the main head of the clan.

The winner got to lead the clan and in order to protect himself and his family from future harm brought by the loser, he devised a cursed seal on the branch family which helps the main family members to control or punish the branch family members. Later, when Naruto married Hinata, he requested the clan leader Hiashi Hyūga to abolish this main and branch family system to bring peace and unity.

Hyūga Clan Family Details

  • Former Leader: Hyūga Elder
  • Leader: Hiashi Hyūga
  • Children: Hinata Hyūga, Hanabi Hyūga
  • Heiress: Hanabi Hyūga
  • Sibling: Hizashi Hyūga (Hiashi’s twin brother)
  • Nephew: Neji Hyūga (Hizashi’s son)
  • Caretakers: Natsu Hyūga, Kou Hyūga
  • Other members: Hoheto Hyūga, Iroha Hyūga, Tokuma Hyūga

Hyuga clan’s Powers

The Hyūga Clan is popularly known for its dōjutsu abilities. Being the descendants of the Hamura Ōtsutsuki, they have inherited the powerful Kekkei Genkai and other unique abilities.

Hyuga Clan Eye Power


Byakugan is one of the “Three Great Dōjutsu”. Byakugan is a Kekkei Genkai that grants its wielder the ability to have a 360 degree vision. It gives the ability to see through solid and far away objects very easily. Byakugan also provides the potential to see through the chakra network. It gives an enlarged view of the chakra and its flow.


Tensegan is another eye power that is only seen in Hamura Otsutsuki and later in Naruto Movie in Tonari Otsutsuki. In fact, this was made by removing all the Byakugan by Hamura. This allowed the Otsutsuki to make a civilized colony in the Moon (as seen in the Naruto Movie). Similar power was seen in Boruto who runs, Usukami and Hyuga’s blood. The Tensegan has an amazing ability that gives sage mode power and amazing chakra.

Hyuga Clan Taijutsu Power

Not just eye power, Hyuga clan is known for their amazing Taijutsu. The Byakugan increased their physical ability to look into the chakra points, hence make them invisible.

Gentle Fist Art:

Gentle Fist is a hand to hand Taijutsu used only by Hyūga clan members. This technique causes internal injuries by attacking on the Tenketsu through the chakra meridian network. It causes fatal damage to the organs. Members use their own chakra to block the opponent’s chakra flow.

Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven:

Eight trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven is a kind of defensive Taijutsu technique of the members of Hyūga clan. In this technique, user belches out their own chakra from their body’s nodes to form a protective bulwark around them. Thereby, safeguarding themselves and using the repelling force to attack back while gyrating around.

Gentle Step Twin Lion Fist:

Gentle Step Twin Lion Fist is another Taijutsu technique of the Hyūga clan that is mostly known by the main branch family. In this user releases chakra from their hands in the shape of Lion swathe and causes a great zapping. The Lion guardian guzzles the chakra flow when it touches the opponent.

Chakra Needle Technique:

Chakra Needle Technique is a kind of Ninjutsu practiced by the members of the Hyūga clan. By enhancing Byakugan, user emit their chakra out of the body in the form of sharp needles and bombard them on the targets. 

The founder – Hamura:

Being the descendant of the Hamura Ōtsutsuki, Hyūga clan members have inherited a special chakra that gives its wielder a powerful ability to touch an energy vessel on the moon called Tenseigan, without suffering from its side effects or hurting themselves.


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