Hatake Clan

Hatake Clan is one of the notorious clans living in the Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Village). Even though their genesis is uncertain, the members of this clan are known worldly for their efficient battle skills. After the era of Warring States, Hatake Clan was one of the first sets of clans to form an alliance with Senju and officially join the village during the foundation of Konohagakure. They had strong relations with the Senju family as they married their daughter in Senju’s.

However, the Hatake Clan gradually went into extinction as they disintegrated to different villages during the war-torn era. And only a few members were left residing in the village. One of the recent members of the Hatake Clan is Kakashi Hatake who settled down in Konoha and trained the shinobi of subsequent generations. He was well known and respected by his disciples. Hatake Clan served as the pride of the Konoha village as they were famed to adapt to any situation and achieve whatever they wished for.

 Members Of The Hatake Clan

  • Sakumo Hatake
  • Kakashi Hatake
  • Gesshoku Hatake
  • Chihiro Hatake
  • Kisho Hatake
  • Setsuko Hatake
  • Hiryou Hatake
  • Naya Hatake

Hatake Clan Abilities 

The members of the Hatake clan are widely known for their exceptional battle tactics and skills. They have enough capacity to surpass the Sannin. Although they didn’t inherit any special abilities or powers from lineage, Hatake was still talented in various Jutsu techniques.

White Light Chakra Sabre

White light Chakra Sabre is a Japanese sword known as katana which was passed down to Kakashi by his father. It had a sharp straight blade with a white streak of chakra and a circular hand-guard.

Water Hound technique

Water Hound Technique is a water release technique. In this the user summons water from the natural source and creates all sorts of animals to chase down the enemy. It can bite and cause fatal injuries to the enemy. It is performed with the help of chakra manipulation and hand seal technique.


Chidori is a lightning nature technique performed by hands. The user applies this ability by gathering chakra lightning in their hands with high concentration and directing it towards the target with thrust thus piercing the enemy with damaging injuries. It requires a great amount of chakra.  Chidori involves the creation of a spate of lightning sparks in the palm of hands. It is used to slap the opponent causing severe burns on the skin and making the muscles weak and numb.

Hatake Clan Jutsu 

Similar to other clans Hatake clan has a special summoning jutsu called Ninken. This is nothing but Summoning of a group of Ninja Gods with Ninja ability and amazing combat skills. In the entire Boruto Anime and Manga only Kakashi has been seen doing this Jutsu.

Hatake Clan Symbol 

Very few knowns about Hatake Clan’s Symbol. The symbol means Farm Land, which you can see in their symbol. The Symbol of the Hatake clan has the piece of farmland as their symbol.

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