Watch Boruto Episode 6

Watch Boruto Episode 6: The episode continues on the same incident that we saw in Boruto Episode 5. This time, it has affected Shino and he calls Boruto, Shikadai,k and Mitsuki at a place to meet. But, when all three of them reach, they see that Shino Sensai is acting weird.

Shino then attacks three of them with insects as he is from the Aburame clan. But, Mitsuki somehow manages to take down Shino Sensai and risks his life. When Shino comes to the normal form and saves both Boruto and Mitsuki.

Watch Boruto Episode 6 (Sub)

On May 10, 2017, Boruto Episode 6 was released. This episode continues the mystery of the strange behavior happening in the Leaf Village. Where, Shino is the new victim.

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