Boruto Episode 143

Watch Boruto Episode 143: The last episode of Boruto, “The Test Of Will Power” gave us a hint that the one involved in killing Kokuri is from their cell. But, who that is is?  Or is there someone else involved? Well, this is still a big question. Boruto and Mitsuki will have to find one the culprit but what will be their strategy?

Watch Boruto Episode 143 Online

If you want to watch Boruto Episode 143 online, then we suggest you to watch it on legal channels. The only authorized platforms to watch Boruto online is Viz and Crunchyroll. Make sure to follow these legal platforms to watch Boruto Online

Boruto Episode 143 Story

The plot of the 143 episode starts at the cell where Boruto & Mitsuki is still investigating about the assassin. But, everything is just an assumption. Hence, they decide to check everyone bunk.

Initially, it looks like Kamata is the culprit as he does not allow anyone to go near his bunk. But what makes Aria irrational behavior against Kedama? It seems that Aria knows more about Kedama that anyone else.

This makes Mitsuki think about Aria. But when Kokuri accidentally checks Kedama he finds the Wooden cart. But Mitsuki finds out that Aria is the culprit who has made all this happen.

On the other hand, when Sarada goes to interview Tsukiyo, he finds out that Sarada is a Ninja. This now brings us to a conclusion on who exactly Tsukiyo is.

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