Boruto Episode 142

Watch Boruto Episode 142: The Boruto Episode 142 got released on the 2nd of Feb 2020. This episode continues the investigation of Boruto and Mitsuki along with Sarada. Let’s find about more about the episode and where to watch Boruto Episode 142.

Watch Boruto Episode 142 Online

There are many platforms to watch Boruto online. But we request you to only watch it through legal channels. You can watch Boruto Episode 142 on Viz or Crunchyroll.

Boruto Episode 142 Story

The Hazuki Castle Arc has now become interesting. The 142nd episode continues from the hospital where Kokuri was been attacked.  Looking at this Boruto Promises Kokuri that he will do anything to protect him.

Later Mitsuki sends his snake to Sarads asking him to create a possible play to get Kokuri in the same cell as theirs. Even after the Lord of the Castle ask to help the jailer to do that, he shuts him up by saying it’s against the rule.

But Sarada and Boruto makes a plan and switch the situation to make it like the Jailor is bribed by the prisoners. Making it a look like Jailor’s fault, Boruto somehow manages to get Kokuri in their castle.

Later, the jailer gets to know that one of the doctors has lost his wooden access. This brings the entire Jail into trouble. When Boruto & Mitsuki discuss about this, Mitsuki finds that someone from their cell is the culprit.

But, we don’t believe that someone from the same cell is the culprit. In fact, it looks like the suspense is yet to be seen in Boruto Episode 143.

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