Boruto Episode 140 – The Mind Jutsu That Lost To Potato Chips

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Boruto Episode 140 Story

Boruto’s 140th Episode starts with Team 10 (Chocho Akimichi, Shikadai Nara, and Inojin Yamanaka) chasing a thief in the Hidden in the leaf. When they finally get near him, he targets one of the citizens to escape. That’s when Shikadai asks Inoji to use his mind transfer jutsu, but being under-confident he fails to even execute it.

On the other day, Boruto along with his team and Team 10 enjoys the meal, where Chocho notices Inojin’s weird behavior. During their conversation, Chocho motivates Inojin to mater the mind-transfer Jutsu. Hence, Inojin visits his mom to train him with the traditional jutsu.

Hence, Ino Yamanaka plans to train him. But, during the training, Ino and Sai gets into the serious fight. The only option left is for Inojin to use mind-transfer jutsu to stop his mom. After many attempts, he finally becomes successful. At the end, he ends up mastering the justu.


Boruto Episode 140 Release Date

Boruto Episode 140 is released already o 12 Jan 2020.

Where To Watch Boruto Episode 140?

If you want to watch Boruto Episode 140, then the only legal platform is to watch the Anime on Crunchyroll.

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