Boruto Episode 139 – The Terror! Enko Onikuma

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Boruto Episode 139 Story

This was another filler episode in Boruto: Naruto The Next Generation. The title of this episode is “The Terror! Enko Onikuma” & the story is based on Enko Onikuma and her Curse. Ibiki Morino, on the other hand is the new captain of Team 40. Boruto Episode 139 starts with Enko, Doshu, and Tsura in a mission to capture a pet. But, during the mission Enko looses her controle & get possesed by the curse. Doshu and Tsura gets afraid of it, but somehow Enko Manages to control it.

Later, Ibiki appears & takes Enko with him so that he can cure the curse. On the other hand, Doshu and Tsura are upset about Enko. So, they along with Team 7, (Boruto, Sarada, and Mistsuki) plans to learn on how to overcome fear. After several attempts they fail. Ibiki who is with Enko gets suddently concious as Enko looses the control & the curse overpowers her.

During this, Doshu and Tsura eavesdrop Ibiki’s conversation with his team to cut off Enko’s hand. Listing to this, they plans to help Enko. At the same time, Ibiki informs them that the reason why the curse mark overpowers Enko was because of her loneliness. Enko has already harmed Ibiki and now is on a rampage to garm Doshu and Tsura. But things has changed as they realize that the one to put Enko in this condition is them. Hence, they plan to stay there and talk to Enko.

In the end, everything is just fine and everyone is back together as they were before. In fact, their bond is even stronger & they are happy to be a part of Ibiki’s team

Watch Boruto Episode 139 

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You can Watch Boruto Episode 139 at Crunchyroll.

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