Boruto Chapter 46 Spoiler, Release Date & Everything We Know

There is not that every one of us is waiting to see Boruto Chapter 46. One of the reasons is that we might finally see who is Koji Kashin. The battel between Jigen and Koji has already started. Therefore we are here to discuss Boruto Chapter 46.

For a Boruto Fan, knowing Koji is a big deal. As per the reports it is expected to be Jiraiya, but will that be true? let’s find out in the discussion below.

Boruto Chapter 46 Spoiler

Note: Here in the spoiler, you might get to know a lot about Boruto 46th Chapter. If you don’t want to know the spoiler, then better get to know the release date. 

Now, coming to Boruto 46 Spoiler, it is sure that we will see the man behind Koji. If it is going to be Jiraiya, then this will be a big moment for Naruto. If not, then the new character will be the key point of the entire chapter. On the other hand, what is Amado’s plan is another big question.

We will see the most epic fight in Boruto that is Jigen vs Koji. This fight will reveal the true identity of Koji.

On the other hand, Sasuke now knows more about Kara and also about the Karma. Along with the fight, we might also see more detail on the Karma. Also, we will get to know Amodo’s true plan.

Boruto Chapter 46 Release Date

It has already been confirmed that Boruto Chapter 46 will get released on 20 May 2020. This time the chapter is releasing on Wednesday.


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