Boruto 44 Manga Chapter – Release Date, Spoiler

Boruto 44 Manga Chapter: Similar to the last chapter, Boruto 43 Manga chapter, “Manifestation” was breathtaking.  It was really unexpected that Momoshiki could posses Boruto so soon in the Manga Chapter.  But, with this, we could not know what Boruto will be capable to do in the future. Momoshiki could only posses Boruto when he is emotionally damaged. At the same time, Boruto 44 Manga Chapter creates a huge buzz as we are finally going to see Kashin plan.

Also, this brings us to discuss Boruto Chapter 44. So, there is a huge possibility that`we might spoiler this chapter for you.

Boruto 44 Chapter Spoiler

Kashin vs Jigen already sounds awesome. But we should not forget that Kashin has been one of the most talked characters in the Boruto Series so far. As, you might already now that Kashin is no one but one of the ex Leaf shinobi. But who he exactly be is still a question.

Now talking Boruto Chapter 44, this is sure that we will witness Kashin fighting with Jigen to become powerful by being Isshiki Ōtsutsuki’s vessel. So we might finally see who Kashin really is & what is his plan.

We are not sure if we could see Naruto Uzumaki & Team 7.  But we are sure that we might see them back to the Konohagakure. Even though there is no official statement made on this, we will dig more to get details about this Boruto 44 Chapter.

Boruto Chapter 44 Release Date

I do regret that Boruto chapter comes once a month & that’s the case with Boruto 44 Manga release date. Similar to its other chapter, this will release on 20th March 2020.

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