Boruto Chapter 43 – Manifestation

Boruto Chapter 42 Details

# Pages 41
Release Date 20 – Feb- 2020
Chapter Title: Manifestation
Main Characters Boro, Mitsuki, Boruto, Mitsuki, Kawaki
Previous Chapter Boruto Chapter 42
Upcoming Chapter Boruto Chapter 44
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Boruto Chapter 43 Story:

This Boruto 43 chapter starts just from where Chapter 42 ended. Sarada finally manages to get the tool that was helping Boro to regenerate. This gave everyone a relief, but they were yet afraid because Boro was still on Rampage.

The only aim for Leaf Team 7 was to rescue the Hokage and Boruto‘s Dad (Naruto Uzumaki). They take the sealing bowl to the safe pace and manages to undo the seal. As soon as they do that, Boro goes on rampaging and killing everyone near to Boruto.

First Mitsuki, then Sarada. Seeing this Boruto gets emotional and finally, the true power of Boruto’s Karma revels. With his new power, he destroys Boro by killing him with just one blow of Rasingeen. But the one killing was not Boruto, but the Karma activated Momoshiki.

After killing Boro, Boruto gets unconscious & do not remember anything that happens. Now, the interesting part is that  Kashin wants to take Jigen down. This ensure that we might see who Kashin really is in Boruto Chapter 44.

Boruto Chapter 43 Release Date

Similar to other months. Boruto Chapter 43 is getting released on Feb 20th on the next V – Jump Issue. So, stay tuned to get a regular update on Boruto Chapter 43.


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