Boruto Chapter 42 – Regeneration

Boruto Chapter 42 Details

# Pages 24
Release Date 20 – Jan – 2020
Chapter Title: Regeneration
Main Characters Boro, Mitsuki, Boruto, Mitsuki, Kawaki
Previous Chapter Boruto Chapter 41
Upcoming Chapter Boruto Chapter 43
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Boruto Chapter 42 Story & Plot

Boruto Chapter 42 is titles, Regeration, which is focused on Boro’s regeneration power. The chapter starts with Kawaki rushing towards Naruto‘s seal dome. Boro attacks the dom with the shuriken, where Kawaki uses his jutsu to protect it. The fight still goes on, where Kawaki again smash Boro to half, but dur to his regeration jutsu, he comes to normal.

Seeing all this, Kawaki ask Boruto & Mitsuki to buy him a time. Then we see him discussing with Sarada about the weeknesss that Boro has. Kawaki informs Sarada about the core inside him through which they can stop his regenation jutsu. So, Kawaki ask Sarada to notice the Core so that they can distroy it at once.

During this fight, Sarada does witness that, Boro has his core at the right flank. Seeing this Sarada charges him with Chidori. Now, we will have to wait for the Boruto Chapter 43 to release, so that we can find if Sarada has fond the right core.

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V – Jump Issue – Boruto Chapter 42

This is the V-Jump Issue for Boruto Chapter 42. The Raw Scan of this Chapter will be out a day before the official release. Alsong with Boruto you can also check other details.

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