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Boruto Chapter 46 Spoiler, Release Date & Everything We Know

There is not that every one of us is waiting to see Boruto Chapter 46. One of the reasons is that we might finally see who is Koji Kashin. The battel between Jigen and Koji has already started. Therefore we are here to discuss Boruto Chapter 46.

For a Boruto Fan, knowing Koji is a big deal. As per the reports it is expected to be Jiraiya, but will that be true? let’s find out in the discussion below.

Boruto Chapter 46 Spoiler

Note: Here in the spoiler, you might get to know a lot about Boruto 46th Chapter. If you don’t want to know the spoiler, then better get to know the release date. 

Now, coming to Boruto 46 Spoiler, it is sure that we will see the man behind Koji. If it is going to be Jiraiya, then this will be a big moment for Naruto. If not, then the new character will be the key point of the entire chapter. On the other hand, what is Amado’s plan is another big question.

We will see the most epic fight in Boruto that is Jigen vs Koji. This fight will reveal the true identity of Koji.

On the other hand, Sasuke now knows more about Kara and also about the Karma. Along with the fight, we might also see more detail on the Karma. Also, we will get to know Amodo’s true plan.

Boruto Chapter 46 Release Date

It has already been confirmed that Boruto Chapter 46 will get released on 20 May 2020. This time the chapter is releasing on Wednesday.


Boruto Chapter 45 – Defection

Boruto Chapter 45: After the visit of Amado from the Kara group (saw in Boruto Chapter 44) to Leaf, a lot of things have changed. In Chapter 45, Amado has trapped Shikadai so that he can have a peaceful talk with the Hokage to get protection.  Boruto Chapter 45 was released on 20th April 2020 and is one of the best episodes so far.

For those who want to know more about Boruto Chapter 45 entire story, enjoy reading.

Boruto Chapter 45 Story

The story of the 45th Chapter starts with Naruto and other elders from the village facing Amado. Whereas, Kawaki after knowing this starts doubting the situation about Amado ditching Kara group.

On the other dimension where Kara’s 10 tail is sealed, we see Jigen talking to Code about a mission. By the time we know more, we see Kojin’s appearance.

In the meanwhile, at leaf village, Amado is handcuffed and investigated. But want to be hand freed so that he can talk normally. Conscious Kawaki doubts the entire situation and thinks that something big is going to happen.

During the investigation, Amado explains about Jigen being an Ohtsutsuki and their only aim is to Devior the Planet. He explains how the Devine Tree sucks the Chakra of the Planet and there are many Ohtsutsuki on the planet.

Later when Sasuke talks about Karma he explains how Jigen possessed a human body. (This indicated that Boruto is also going to a vessel of Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki).

By the end of Boruto Chapter 45, you see Amada putting a projection of a live battel event between Koji Kashin and Jigen. This makes the wait for Boruto Chapter 46 interesting.

Boruto Chapter 45 Release Date

As mentioned earlier Boruto Chapter 45 was aired on 20 April 2020, Monday. The next Chapter 46 of Boruto is going to release in May.

Boruto 44 Manga Chapter – Release Date, Spoiler

Boruto 44 Manga Chapter: Similar to the last chapter, Boruto 43 Manga chapter, “Manifestation” was breathtaking.  It was really unexpected that Momoshiki could posses Boruto so soon in the Manga Chapter.  But, with this, we could not know what Boruto will be capable to do in the future. Momoshiki could only posses Boruto when he is emotionally damaged. At the same time, Boruto 44 Manga Chapter creates a huge buzz as we are finally going to see Kashin plan.

Also, this brings us to discuss Boruto Chapter 44. So, there is a huge possibility that`we might spoiler this chapter for you.

Boruto 44 Chapter Spoiler

Kashin vs Jigen already sounds awesome. But we should not forget that Kashin has been one of the most talked characters in the Boruto Series so far. As, you might already now that Kashin is no one but one of the ex Leaf shinobi. But who he exactly be is still a question.

Now talking Boruto Chapter 44, this is sure that we will witness Kashin fighting with Jigen to become powerful by being Isshiki Ōtsutsuki’s vessel. So we might finally see who Kashin really is & what is his plan.

We are not sure if we could see Naruto Uzumaki & Team 7.  But we are sure that we might see them back to the Konohagakure. Even though there is no official statement made on this, we will dig more to get details about this Boruto 44 Chapter.

Boruto Chapter 44 Release Date

I do regret that Boruto chapter comes once a month & that’s the case with Boruto 44 Manga release date. Similar to its other chapter, this will release on 20th March 2020.

Boruto Chapter 43 – Manifestation

Boruto Chapter 42 Details

# Pages41
Release Date20 – Feb- 2020
Chapter Title:Manifestation
Main CharactersBoro, Mitsuki, Boruto, Mitsuki, Kawaki
Previous ChapterBoruto Chapter 42
Upcoming ChapterBoruto Chapter 44
Boruto Chapter 43

Boruto Chapter 43 Story:

This Boruto 43 chapter starts just from where Chapter 42 ended. Sarada finally manages to get the tool that was helping Boro to regenerate. This gave everyone a relief, but they were yet afraid because Boro was still on Rampage.

The only aim for Leaf Team 7 was to rescue the Hokage and Boruto‘s Dad (Naruto Uzumaki). They take the sealing bowl to the safe pace and manages to undo the seal. As soon as they do that, Boro goes on rampaging and killing everyone near to Boruto.

First Mitsuki, then Sarada. Seeing this Boruto gets emotional and finally, the true power of Boruto’s Karma revels. With his new power, he destroys Boro by killing him with just one blow of Rasingeen. But the one killing was not Boruto, but the Karma activated Momoshiki.

After killing Boro, Boruto gets unconscious & do not remember anything that happens. Now, the interesting part is that  Kashin wants to take Jigen down. This ensure that we might see who Kashin really is in Boruto Chapter 44.

Boruto Chapter 43 Release Date

Similar to other months. Boruto Chapter 43 is getting released on Feb 20th on the next V – Jump Issue. So, stay tuned to get a regular update on Boruto Chapter 43.


Boruto Chapter 42 – Regeneration

Boruto Chapter 42 Details

# Pages24
Release Date20 – Jan – 2020
Chapter Title:Regeneration
Main CharactersBoro, Mitsuki, Boruto, Mitsuki, Kawaki
Previous ChapterBoruto Chapter 41
Upcoming ChapterBoruto Chapter 43
Boruto Chapter 42

Boruto Chapter 42 Story & Plot

Boruto Chapter 42 is titles, Regeration, which is focused on Boro’s regeneration power. The chapter starts with Kawaki rushing towards Naruto‘s seal dome. Boro attacks the dom with the shuriken, where Kawaki uses his jutsu to protect it. The fight still goes on, where Kawaki again smash Boro to half, but dur to his regeration jutsu, he comes to normal.

Seeing all this, Kawaki ask Boruto & Mitsuki to buy him a time. Then we see him discussing with Sarada about the weeknesss that Boro has. Kawaki informs Sarada about the core inside him through which they can stop his regenation jutsu. So, Kawaki ask Sarada to notice the Core so that they can distroy it at once.

During this fight, Sarada does witness that, Boro has his core at the right flank. Seeing this Sarada charges him with Chidori. Now, we will have to wait for the Boruto Chapter 43 to release, so that we can find if Sarada has fond the right core.

V - Jump Issue - Boruto Chapter 42

V – Jump Issue – Boruto Chapter 42

This is the V-Jump Issue for Boruto Chapter 42. The Raw Scan of this Chapter will be out a day before the official release. Alsong with Boruto you can also check other details.