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Boruto Episode 143 – Release Date, Spoiler, & More

Boruto Episode 143
Episode Number139
Release Date26 - Jan - 2020
Episode Title:The Shinobi Prison: Hozuki Castle
Main Characters Boruto, Mitsuki, Sarada, Kokuri, Kedama, Arai, Kamata
Previous EpisodeBoruto Episode 142
Next EpisodeBoruto Episode 144

Boruto Episode 143: The last episode of Boruto, “The Test Of Will Power” gave us a hint that the one involved in killing Kokuri is from their cell. But, who that is is?  Or is there someone else involved? Well, this is still a big question. Boruto & Mitsuki will have to find one the culprit but what will be their strategy?

Boruto Episode 143 Story

The plot of the 143 episode starts at the cell where Boruto & Mitsuki is still investigating about the assassin. But, everything is just an assumption. Hence, they decide to check everyone bunk.

Initially, it looks like Kamata is the culprit as he does not allow anyone to go near his bunk. But what makes Aria irrational behavior against Kedama? It seems that Aria knows more about Kedama that anyone else.

This makes Mitsuki think about Aria. But when Kokuri accidentally checks Kedama he finds the Wooden cart. But Mitsuki finds out that Aria is the culprit who has made all this happen.

On the other hand, when Sarada goes to interview Tsukiyo, he finds out that Sarada is a Ninja. This now brings us to a conclusion on who exactly Tsukiyo is.

Boruto Episode 143 Release Date

Similar to other days, Boruto Episode 143 is going to release on its regular time table. Which means, we are going to watch Boruto Episode 143 on 9 Feb 2020.

Watch Boruto Episode 143 Online

If you want to watch Boruto Episode 143 online, then we suggest you to watch it on legal channels. The only authorized platforms to watch Boruto online is Viz and Crunchyroll. Make sure to follow these legal platforms to watch Boruto Online.

Boruto Episode 142 – The Test Of Will Power

Boruto Episode 142
Episode Number142
Release Date26 - Jan - 2020
Episode Title:The Test Of Will Power
Main Characters Boruto, Mitsuki, Sarada, Kokuri, Lord Moujo
Previous EpisodeBoruto Episode 141
Next EpisodeBoruto Episode 143

Boruto Episode 142 Story

The Hazuki Castle Arc has now become interesting. The 142nd episode continues from the hospital where Kokuri was been attacked.  Looking at this Boruto Promises Kokuri that he will do anything to protect him.

Later Mitsuki sends his snake to Sarads asking him to create a possible play to get Kokuri in the same cell as theirs. Even after the Lord of the Castle ask to help the jailer to do that, he shuts him up by saying it’s against the rule.

But Sarada and Boruto makes a plan and switch the situation to make it like the Jailor is bribed by the prisoners. Making it a look like Jailor’s fault, Boruto somehow manages to get Kokuri in their castle.

Later, the jailer gets to know that one of the doctors has lost his wooden access. This brings the entire Jail into trouble. When Boruto & Mitsuki discuss about this, Mitsuki finds that someone from their cell is the culprit.

But, we don’t believe that someone from the same cell is the culprit. In fact, it looks like the suspense is yet to be seen in Boruto Episode 143.

Boruto Episode 142 Release Date

The Boruto Episode 142 got released on 2nd of Feb 2020. Please note that Boruto Episodes gets released every Sunday. If any of the episode gets delayed, we will inform you here.

Watch Boruto Episode 142 Online

There are many platforms to watch Boruto online. But we request you to only watch it through legal channels. You can watch Boruto Episode 142 on Viz or Crunchyroll.


Boruto Episode 141 – The Shinobi Prison: Hozuki Castle

Boruto Episode 141
Episode Number139
Release Date26 - Jan - 2020
Episode Title:The Shinobi Prison: Hozuki Castle
Main Characters Boruto, Mitsuki, Sarada, Kokuri, Lord Moujo
Previous EpisodeBoruto Episode 140
Next EpisodeBoruto Episode 142

Boruto Episode 141 Story

The 141 Boruto Anime starts with Boruto & Mitsuki being prisoned at the Hazuki Castle administrated by the Hidden Grass Village.  This, in fact, is their mission assigned by Naruto, the 7th Hokage to protect Kokuri.  Not only that, but the leader of the Hazuki Castle is helping the leaf village to investigate.

The entire plan is made by Naruto, & Shikamaru Nara along with the Leaf police. The reason they had to take this action was due to Hidden Grass elders who denied protecting Kokuri & making it as their internal affair.

Not only that, Naruto also assigns Sarada as a reporter so that she can eye on Boruto & Mitsuki.

Meanwhile, Boruto & Mitsuki find out that the 2nd Man’s name is Tsukiyo who is in solitary after getting in a fight with Kokuri. Later we find that the one who sent the letter was Kokuri. By the time, Naruto exits the hospital, someone attacks Kokuri.

This concludes that someone who is against Kokuri is from the Hazuki Castle. We will get to know about this on Boruto Episode 141.

Boruto Episode 140 Release Date

The 140 Boruto Episode is released already & is stream live. This episode was aired on 26 Jan 2020.

Watch Boruto Episode 140

If you would like to watch Boruto Episode 140, then you can watch that on Crunchyroll.

Boruto Episode 140 – The Mind Jutsu That Lost To Potato Chips

Boruto Episode 140
Episode Number139
Release Date12 - Jan - 2020
Episode Title:The Mind Jutsu That Lost To Potato Chips
Main Characters Chocho Akimichi, Shikadai Nara ,Inojin Yamanaka
Previous EpisodeBoruto Episode 139
Next EpisodeBoruto Episode 141

Boruto Episode 140 Story

Boruto’s 140th Episode starts with Team 10 (Chocho Akimichi, Shikadai Nara, and Inojin Yamanaka) chasing a thief in the Hidden in the leaf. When they finally get near him, he targets one of the citizens to escape. That’s when Shikadai asks Inoji to use his mind transfer jutsu, but being under-confident he fails to even execute it.

On the other day, Boruto along with his team and Team 10 enjoys the meal, where Chocho notices Inojin’s weird behavior. During their conversation, Chocho motivates Inojin to mater the mind-transfer Jutsu. Hence, Inojin visits his mom to train him with the traditional jutsu.

Hence, Ino Yamanaka plans to train him. But, during the training, Ino and Sai gets into the serious fight. The only option left is for Inojin to use mind-transfer jutsu to stop his mom. After many attempts, he finally becomes successful. At the end, he ends up mastering the justu.


Boruto Episode 140 Release Date

Boruto Episode 140 is released already o 12 Jan 2020.

Where To Watch Boruto Episode 140?

If you want to watch Boruto Episode 140, then the only legal platform is to watch the Anime on Crunchyroll.

Boruto Episode 139 – The Terror! Enko Onikuma

Boruto Episode 139
This is the Scene when Enko Onikuma, Dōshu Goetsu and Tsuru Itoi saves the rabbit form the bear.
Episode Number139
Release Date12 - Jan - 2020
Episode Title:The Terror! Enko Onikuma
Main CharactersEnko Onikuma, Doshu Goetsu, Tsuru Itoi
Next EpisodeBoruto Episode 140

Boruto Episode 139 Story

This was another filler episode in Boruto: Naruto The Next Generation. The title of this episode is “The Terror! Enko Onikuma” & the story is based on Enko Onikuma and her Curse. Ibiki Morino, on the other hand is the new captain of Team 40. Boruto Episode 139 starts with Enko, Doshu, and Tsura in a mission to capture a pet. But, during the mission Enko looses her controle & get possesed by the curse. Doshu and Tsura gets afraid of it, but somehow Enko Manages to control it.

Later, Ibiki appears & takes Enko with him so that he can cure the curse. On the other hand, Doshu and Tsura are upset about Enko. So, they along with Team 7, (Boruto, Sarada, and Mistsuki) plans to learn on how to overcome fear. After several attempts they fail. Ibiki who is with Enko gets suddently concious as Enko looses the control & the curse overpowers her.

During this, Doshu and Tsura eavesdrop Ibiki’s conversation with his team to cut off Enko’s hand. Listing to this, they plans to help Enko. At the same time, Ibiki informs them that the reason why the curse mark overpowers Enko was because of her loneliness. Enko has already harmed Ibiki and now is on a rampage to garm Doshu and Tsura. But things has changed as they realize that the one to put Enko in this condition is them. Hence, they plan to stay there and talk to Enko.

In the end, everything is just fine and everyone is back together as they were before. In fact, their bond is even stronger & they are happy to be a part of Ibiki’s team

Watch Boruto Episode 139 

There are many legal platforms from where you can watch Boruto Chapter 139. But, it’s important that you know the right & legal platform.

You can Watch Boruto Episode 139 at Crunchyroll.