Boruto Vol. 1: Naruto Next Generations


Note: This is available for Kindle & ComiXology for $4.33

For those who are looking for Boruto Vol 1, check here the details of it.  This Vol is the first volume of Boruto that showcase the current situation of the Ninja world.



After the 4th World War where Naruto & Sasuke defeats Kaguya, this volume talks about Boruto, Naruto’s Son. Time in the Konan is peaceful & the shinobi of the current generation are not experience the same hardship. But, Naruto & Sasuke are aware of the Otsutsuki clans and their presence.

Whereas, Boruto, on the other hand, is not happy with his father being a Hokage as he does not have time for his family. This Vol 1 of Boruto showcases how Boruto and his Father makes a bond.


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